Posted on Feb 20, 2014 in Featured, Tips-n-Tricks |

Dirty Day School Dog

How many times have you eagerly asked “What did you learn in school today?” only to hear “nothing”.

Come pick-up time, most owners easily see the effects a day of phyisical exercise and appropriate socialization has had on their dogs demeanor, but that’s only half the story. Every day schooler has been worked and mentally challenged during several one-on-one and group training sessions with a My Dogs Mind trainer throughout the day. Emm…yeah. They may not have wanted you to know that.

Day School Review Time (DiRT) serves to provide owners with a level of communication skills and instruction to successfully continue a consistent training program at home.

And who better to teach you than the day school trainers themselves. Every thirty minute private session is sure to include tips about working with “your dog” as well as effective communication and handling skills. Not only does DiRT shed light onto what your dog already “knows”, they provide valuable feedback for us so we can continually tweak our day school training to specifically address the challenges of life at home.

Setting up an appointment is easy. Just ask about scheduling a discounted private session with the day school trainer of your choice the next time you drop-off or pick-up.