Private Instruction

Dog Training Private Instruction

Private instruction allows us to match a training curriculum to the unique challenges of your dog and your schedule. Whether you want to turn good into better with obedience work, or you want to address certain behaviors before they escalate, private instruction is a great way to grow.

Weak social skills or stress related to environmental stimulation often plays a big part in problematic behavior. Private instruction at My Dogs Mind allows for strategic socialization using other dogs, adults, children, doors, distractions, and even chickens. Our goal is to safely choose the amount and type of stimulation to identify the problem and then implement exercises to slowly build confidence and positive behavior under real-world scenarios.

The best environment for positive training is one where dog and owner are relaxed and able to focus on working and learning. If at home is best for you or your dog, then that is our classroom. My Dogs Mind is available for off-site training or other learning opportunities including family education or canine interaction for businesses.

Ruby Brigham Pendleton & Claudia Kaerner
Terrance immediately made us feel confident, he took the time to observe and learn our dog. With an understanding of both our goals, and what would work best with (ruby), he gave us a clear instructions how we could best communicate with our dog. He helped us to feel comfortable with our dog, even off leash; more than we thought possible, and we’re all the happier for it.

Brody Danielle Keaney
As you can see, Brody is a BIG dog. We started training with Terence almost the minute we brought him home…and haven’t stopped! My goals with raising a big dog were to ensure that he was pleasant and safe to live with. Terence has helped us accomplish both through consistent training. Terence also helped Brody obtain his CGC certification. Thanks to him I have a well mannered and obedient dog.

Cinda Beth & Jeff Judd
Thank you Terence Kirby for helping our hearts and changing our minds so that we could focus our energies on the potential for this right here. The cats are in charge now and Cinda has been improving by leaps and bounds. THANK YOU for all the training you provided to Cinda, but really it was us who you trained. We are forever grateful!!! Read More >