Brinkley's Long Weekend



Last night we were reminded that without a doubt, we needed to thank you for the training you have brought to Brinkley and us.

While Brinkley remains a very good dog she probably will never pull a human on a skateboard. However, she will ALWAYS come on a run when she’s called. Yup, keeping her safe and us not frustrated!

But last night took the cake. We are planning a long weekend in Bar Harbor in mid-September. We used to book our room so Brinkley could go with us. All was well until after we had paid and were printing our confirmation–the motel we had chosen had a “no pet” policy. Under special notes we had written “First floor requested”, and that we were “traveling with a crate-trained English Springer Spaniel (Canine Good Citizen Certified)”.

We quickly called them, and they confirmed that pets were not allowed. They were very nice and referred us to another motel that accepted dogs. I ended the call stating that we wold have to cancel our reservation online.

Moments later, they called us back and asked if our dog was a service dog. We said, “no, but she was a therapy dog in training”. The clerk checked with the manager and we KEPT the RESERVATION. Who would have thought that our confidence in Brinkley’s training would allow us to get a motel room!

Thank you for helping us enjoy our dog even more!
Grant, Michele & Brinkley