Little Miss Jo


Dear Terence,
I don't know if you will remember me or not but back in 2000 I adopted a young blue merle American Cattle Dog named Jo through you. (You were associated with Bull Run Dog Rescue at the time) We met at the Baxter School for the Deaf on Mackworth Island just off Portland, Me. We lost little Miss Jo the end of September after twelve terrific years. I was cleaning the basement this week and came across all the dog records you had given me for Jo so many years ago. I am sorry to say that I could not remember your last name and have long since lost your e-mail address otherwise I would have written to let you know of Jo's passing. So on finding those papers I did a "goggle" search and there you were.

I just want you to know Jo was a great addition to my life and you made a wonderful match with the two of us. I remember when I adopted her you mentioning that you were afraid I might not be happy with her since she was on the "smaller" end of the ACD's. Small maybe but with a huge heart! ...and a joy to the end.


The house was so empty with Jo gone that I looked up Bull Run once again to find it had morphed into ACDRA and I found a litter of July pups that were half cattle dog. My husband and I adopted two of the pups, Stanley and Floyd, and we picked them up at Baxter School for the Deaf on Mackworth Island. Just like Miss Jo their first long walk with us was the mile trail around the island. ...quite the feat since neither one was use to walking on a leash!! The boys are so very good and a joy like Miss Jo. Stanley looks more cattle-doggie (and often does the same things Jo would do) but Floyd has more velcro to him. ...but only in the house!

Anyhow, thank you for my first ACD, who obviously made a huge impression on both myself and my husband.


Pamela Rackliffe Capurso

PS. When I adopted Jo you gave her a stuffed, fleece, dogbone shaped toy, which we still have, minus the stuffing (I restuffed it many, many times) and now the boys play with it. ...minus the stuffing!