Speeding Up Natural Behavior

Training touch sensitive dogs can often be a challenge because many of the techniques we come to rely on for rapid behavior repetitions, think "push the tush", just will not work. Any contact or gentle guidance at this point in their training triggers a defensive vs. constructive mind-set.

Waiting for the "down"


Rambo (track name, appropriate name pending) is a very gentile ex-racing greyhound. Just about everything is new to him, but he likes to take things at his own pace. The easiest way to mark a new behavior is to just wait for it. Today Rambo's pace was much slower than our allotted class time. With such powerful legs and so much to see in the training room he probably would have remained standing long-after we hit the lights and went to bed.

We decided to use obstacles to move things along. This allows him to begin a natural movement and for us to mark and reward his progression. Not only did my leg serve as a limbo pole, but using my body also allows Rambo to get used to being handled passively by him initiating close contact.