Unscripted Puppy Training

The only thing you need to know about raising a puppy is keep them tired and show them the world. - Dick Russell

Pups have a great capacity to learn, even at a very young age. Everything is a new experience for them and trial-and-error is how they roll. During this time of discovery and distraction they undoubtably do many of the wrong things. But mixed in with all the shenanigans are desirable behaviors that can be encouraged to be used as predecessors to formal obedience training down the road.


Walking with a longline in-tow

30 Foot Insurance Policy

A long line is a great way to give your pup a little more freedom without letting them off leash. Although traditionally used for solidifying "recalls", at this stage it is simply an appendage and not for correction. Let it drag behind as you walk. This will help later when you begin loose-leash walking.

No Agendas

Your puppy will surprise you with how quickly they decipher rewarded vs. non-rewarded behaviors. You might even be inspired to try more structured training with them. Wait. At this stage it is important to give your puppy plenty of constructive activity with zero correction. You can begin to mark behaviors but do not force them into making or holding a position. We are talking weeks not months of waiting. It won't be long before you can move forward with basic obedience, they grow up fast.