aggression/reactivity therapy

Demonstrations of unwanted reactivity or aggressive behavior by your dog can be a stressful and scary situation for both owner and animal. Faced with the possibility or history of inflicting injury to people or other dogs, owners often feel their only options are confinement and isolation or possibly even euthanasia. This is not the life you envisioned with your dog. Nor are the safety precautions of isolation or confinement substitutes for positive steps towards understanding the situation and developing appropriate behavior correction.

Oftentimes owners come to My Dogs Mind (us) in a state of desperation and only a request to “make it stop”. Stopping it is important, but without first understanding the behavior and applying positive therapy, results are usually short lived. A growl or a bite may be demonstrations of “aggressive” behavior, but it is often a result of fear, reactivity, high prey drive, or just plain rudeness on the part of the dog.

As unpleasant as these situations are, we feel that owners deserve an honest compassionate evaluation of the situation and a clear explanation of the commitment that will be required to move forward safely.

My Dogs Mind has more than 15 years of experience evaluating and working with the toughest cases of unwanted dangerous behavior. We routinely work with local animal shelters in the behavioral assessment of surrendered dogs.

If you have a dog demonstrating reactive behavior, we hope you take positive action by addressing the situation as soon as possible. Now is the time to be part of the solution. My Dogs Mind is available for one-on-one consultation to get you started.