Let’s face it, sometimes human schedules and priorities don’t quite align with what your dog would consider a day well spent. Now there is day school, a guilt-free free alternative that allows you to do what you need to do while allowing your dog to still get the hours of TLC, playtime or the 156 ball retrieves that make them a happy camper.

My Dogs Mind offers a limited number of dogs the opportunity to play and interact safely under the constant supervision of the My Dogs Mind staff, all day long. By limiting this service to evaluated dogs only, we can prepare a stimulating itinerary and select compatible playmates for every dog, creating positive experiences and interactions.

Extra walks, belly rubs, or special blanket? Not a problem. Need them fed? Special dietary needs? A My Dogs Mind team member is always on-hand to take note of your requests and carry them out just as you would, if only you had time.

It’s not doggie day care
Don’t think it is all fun and games. After all, you have to work. Your dog should too. An exercised dog is a receptive dog and what better place to continually work on etiquette and skills than a house of learning. Holding their “place”, walking on leash, not attacking the vacuum; these are all skills that they will quickly master under our supervision.

For some busy professionals or challenged dogs, a more advanced or intensive stay and train program is productive way towards getting the results you want or need to achieve. We would be more than happy to work with you on formulating a custom training regimen that addresses your special needs.

If you think day school sounds like your dog’s idea of fun. We will be happy to review school openings or schedule a consultation for you and your dog.