Ruff Tough Kennels: They're Crate!

At My Dogs Mind, we take crate training very seriously. We are pleased to announce we are now an authorized distributor for some serious crates, Ruff Tough Kennels. If you are a "crater" we needn't say more. Come by MDM to check out the new line of one-piece, roto-molded kennels and accessories. We will be happy to help you find the perfect fit and configuration. If crating is never how you roll, then you have some more reading to do.

What makes Ruff Tough Kennels MDM worthy?

  • One piece construction makes them more durable and easier to clean
  • A composite door allows for quiet operation and a tighter grid pattern makes them safer for paws or jaws
  • Crates can be stacked and/or tied down to save space or make travel safer for your dog
  • Raised floor provides cushioning and warmth from surface below
  • Optional double-door configuration allows quick access to the back seat from either side of the car
  • Smart accessories including a solid privacy door cover, stackable top tray and portable dog waterer are available
  • They come in four sizes to provide an optimal and safe experience for your dog
  • Rough Tough Kennels have a Five Year Warranty

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