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Terence Kirby


Terence loves dogs and is seldom seen without one by his side. With the creation of My Dogs Mind about two decades ago, Terence has been fortunate to do what he loves on a daily basis and pass his knowledge and enthusiasm on to hundreds of dogs and their owners.

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Terence is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (member no. 1468). He has apprenticed and trained under some of the most renowned dog authorities including Jenifer Vickery of The Pawsitive Dog Training Center (multiple Best of Boston awards winner) and nationally recognized trainer and speaker, Brian Kilcommons.

In addition to maintaining a rigorous schedule of self-education, you’ll find Terence in attendance at several professional training workshops and seminars throughout the year. He is qualified and well-versed in a variety of training approaches and philosophies. In addition to his work at My Dogs Mind, Terence spends his time and resources to the evaluation, training, and placement of sheltered dogs at Doberman Rescue Unlimited in Sandown, New Hampshire.

When he is not busy dishing out praise n’ treats in class, Terence can be found at home or on-the-go with his wife Sandy and their three children. The Kirby’s have an elusive cat Dreton and three dogs, Sweet Pea, Bavo, and Kip, who often earn their keep by volunteering as class stand-ins or comic relief in the parking lot.

A true New Englander and a lover of nature and the outdoors, Terence enjoys fishing and surfing on a year-round basis. He treasures being part of the tight-knit New Hampshire seacoast community where he can contribute to making life more enjoyable for dogs and humans alike.

Margaret Palladino


Margaret started off as a student in 2002 and joined the MDM team in 2005.  Since then she hasn’t looked back racking up some serious training hours and credentials. Margaret is an accomplished Agility competitor/instructor with over 15 years of experience as a New England Agility Team member and as a Certified White Mountain Agility instructor under the renowned Agility competitor Julie Daniels. She has also worked with Anne Andrle (International Agility Competitor & Instructor) honing her skills in understanding One Mind Dog concepts. Margaret also has worked with Francis Holder of the Pawsitive Dog working with her own dogs to better understand high drive and reactive dogs as well as IPO and Ring Sport.  She is a CPE (Canine Performance Events) member and has titled 5 of her own dogs in Canine Good Citizen Advance, Lure Coursing and Therapy dog. If there is a dog sport, you can probably bet Margaret has tried or competed in it. Her impressive resume includes Agility, Wag-It Games, Fly ball, Dock Diving, IPO (German Protection Sport), Sheep & Duck Herding, Rally, Conformation, Lure coursing, Scent Work and Tracking. – PHEW! Most recently Margaret and her dogs were sought out to work with the company WAGZ to help bring their products to life using her training background and own dogs as models for photo shoots and media coverage. 

Margaret is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, double majoring in Social Work and Health and Human Services. As an undergrad, she refined the Therapy Dog program at York Hospital. Together she uses her knowledge of dogs and people to help bridge the gap many clients come here looking for. 

Margaret embraces the multidog household philosophy and currently has a pack of two in tow- Belgian Malinois Pye (CGCA, CA, Champion Pointed), and new puppy Belgian Turveren Luxx (CGC). Her extended family also includes the hundreds more she has overseen and/or has worked with in MDM day school as well as group and private lessons over the years.




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